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Descendants of Zayed REVIEW! #663

Name of the book- Descendants of Zayed Name of the author- Fatima Al Yousuf God has given forty-five brothers to an Emirati girl. Because if a door tried to create itself, her brothers would lose the key, and what if the knights disappeared? This girl grew up in a home without a door for sorrow.... Continue Reading →

Criminals in Uniform REVIEW! #662

Name of the book- CIU : Criminals in Uniform Name of the author- Sanjay Singh, Rakesh Trivedi When explosives are discovered in a car parked outside the home of Asia's richest man, a commotion breaks out throughout India. The contentious commander of Mumbai Police's elite Crime Investigation Unit (CIU), who oversees all high-profile investigations, is... Continue Reading →

The Butcher and the Wren REVIEW! #661

Name of the book- The Butcher and The Wren Name of the author- Alaina Urquhart “Sound can manipulate emotions better than almost anything else.” An exciting first novel written from the conflicting viewpoints of a known serial murderer and the medical examiner who follows his trail of victims comes from the co-host of the top-rated... Continue Reading →

Kalbhojaditya Rawal REVIEW! #658

Name of the book- Kalbhojaditya Rawal  Name of the author- Utkarsh Srivastava Story of the book- Kalbhoj was hailed as a hero after killing two of the best Arabian warlords on the Brahmanabad battlefield. And the fame of that Maharishi Harit student and ardent Shiva devotee reached Bagdad, the Iraqi capital. Following the victory in... Continue Reading →

The secret REVIEW! #657

Name of the book- The Secret: Stefan (Zoric Family Book 2) Name of the author- Stella Gray Tori is aware that there is a problem in her marriage and that Stefan is hiding information from her. Tori has discovered that the company her husband owns is not the shelter for models she had assumed it... Continue Reading →

Made with love REVIEW! #656

Name of the book- Made with love p.s. what is it actually? Name of the author- Vanshika Agarwal  This collection of poetry attempts to tell a tale from the perspective of an over-thinking girl in a relationship that starts as a friendship and ends with her being severely damaged. Vanshika discusses relationships from the perspective... Continue Reading →

Tales from the sewer REVIEW! #655

Name of the book- Tales From The Sewer: Someone had to look with love our most miserable side Name of the author- Louise Simpson Phillips This book restores our ability to scrutinize our defects in great detail. Readers will be able to identify with the most flawed but also the most human version of themselves... Continue Reading →

Bloody Dreams REVIEW! #654

Name of the book- Bloody Dreams Name of the author- Gopinath Lakshmanan The main character, Rajeev, is driven and has a passion to found his own business, much like his friend Aditya does. He meets Divya and develops feelings for her. Like his father Rajan, who controlled his mother Radha throughout her life, he is... Continue Reading →

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