The Girl Who Smiled REVIEW! #165

Name of the book- The Girl Who Smiled Name of the author- Sanya Nakra This is a story that investigates how a girl who has satisfaction can mutilate in a quest for adoration. Ananya is a perky South Delhi lady in her late twenties and has the best life a woman of her age could... Continue Reading →

Tales of Zygorra REVIEW! #164

Name of the book- Tales of Zygorra Name of the author- Aditya Shukla Sometime in the distant past, they were typical children. They were guzzled up and mystically shipped inside a dreamland of Zygorra. In Tales of Zygorra, the author utilizes the old procedure of taking an individual having a place in the normal world... Continue Reading →

Operation Haygreeva REVIEW! #163

Name of the book- Operation Haygreeva Name of the author- Prabhakar Aloka Story of the book- Mumbai is one of the busiest metropolitan cities in India. The main transportation for people in Mumbai trains. Thus, huge crowds of people avail trains every day in Mumbai. But what happens when terrorists attack these trains? The book... Continue Reading →

She’s Mine REVIEW! #161

Name of the book- She's Mine Name of the author- A.A. Chaudhuri First of all, thank you NetGalley and Hera Books for providing an arc of the book. This book has been released on 18th August 2021. So, if you like my review then order the book, the link is given below! Story of the book- This... Continue Reading →

Daughter of the Deep REVIEW! #159

Name of the book- Daughter of the Deep Name of the author- Rick Riordan Harding-Pencroft institute is a five-year secondary school that trains children to be sea-life researchers. Ana's guardians were both sea-life researchers before they died in a diving mishap quite a long while ago. She's gone to Harding-Pencroft for a year, however, the... Continue Reading →

Duryodhana’s Queen REVIEW! #158

Name of the book- Duryodhana's Queen (Chronicles of Kuru Woman Volume II) Name of the author- Priyanka Bhuyan  The book is according to the perspective of Bhanumati, the princess of Kalinga, and the spouse of Duryodhana. She's stolen from her Swayamvara by Duryodhana and Karna. Be that as it may, this isn't the narrative of... Continue Reading →

Defy The Night REVIEW+ BOOK TOUR! #157

Name of the book- Defy The Night Name of the author- Brigid Kemmerer Welcome to my stop in the Bookstagram & Creative Tour for “Defy The Night” by Brigid Kemmerer! Thank you to the author and the publisher Bloomsbury India for sending me the review copy in exchange of an honest review. Defy The Night is the first installment in the Defy... Continue Reading →

Til Death We Do Part, Too REVIEW! #156

Name of the book- Til Death We Do Part, Too Name of the author- Bruno Beaches Recuperating from a staggering marriage disappointment for so many years, Pablo finally meets Hellion. She appears to be brilliant, and it is all-consuming instant adoration, and they get married rapidly. However, Pablo is completely not over his ex-wife. He... Continue Reading →

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